Honda CL90 1968
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This is my 68 CL90. Picked it up in August 2007.
Has 3622 miles on speedometer

01.08: Engine is back together, I have almost everything I need to put her back together.

11.07: Got the cylinder bored, new piston etc. pulled engine off frame and now hope to re-assemble.

10.07: Pulled off head, tapped out piston, came out easy. Cylinder and piston look bad.

09.07: Bike is seazed up, I will be tearing it apart some time this winter, or before. I need:

  • 1 rear wheel adjuster
  • brake rod
  • battery
  • key or hot wire

Chain adjuster will not fit over the larger threaded sleeve?
Chain adjuster will not fit over the larger threaded sleeve?
I was going to hitch up a battery but looks like I'm missing a connector. I have 1. the white 2 wire connector. 2. A red wire with a lug that looks like it connects to the battery and 3. And a single red wire with a "bullet" connector.
The engine went back together well and seems smooth. I am wondering about the intake valve cover, I have not seen one like this before? Any ideas?
Mystery parts. #1 "dropped out" of the frame when I took the engine off, my guess is a wire harness holder, but where does it go? #2 is a mystery, I have no idea where it came from. #3 is stuck to the old left side stator cover gasket, is it broken? What does it do?
another angle of the mystery parts
Twice now I have ordered that connecting washer lock and have gotten star washers instead, I am wondering if these are still available.
The 2nd ring has a stepdown on one side of the ring, kind of hard to see. I also checked the ring end gap, feeler fit 0.15 on top and both oil rings, but was too tight on this ring a 0.13 fit though...this ok?
New gasket set: note difference in head gasket compared to the one in the image below. I assume that metal ring, top row is for the exhaust
I am not sure about the rings there is one that is a good fit for the top 2 grooves of the piston. There are 2 thin ones. There is one wavey one that I'm sure must be for the bottom oil slot and a sort of flat black ring...better view in below image, also note original head gasket.
1. normal looking ring
2. pair of thin rings
3. wavey ring with flat black ring on top
Note groove in base, bottom right
Cylinder has been cleaned and it is nasty looking
Piston looks crusty too. carries a .50 stamp on top
Some rust at the base, con rod lower feels good
1st view